Monthly Archive December 2023

ByJos Keulers

New Partnership with RNT Rausch

We are proud to announce that our new partner RNT Rausch joined us in our journey to build on NVME capabilities to offer customers solutions that are simple, scalable, cost-efficient, and integrate with any orchestration system on any server or any cloud. #NVMEoverTCPIP #S3onNVME #Storageonsteroids

RNT Rausch is a Germany based technology pioneer with 20+ years of experience in the high tech server and storage industry. Their mission is to always be ahead of technology trends and rethink future-proof server and storage solution designs that go hybrid and tackle business challenges and makes SMBs, enterprises, data centres and service providers around the world fit for tomorrow’s technical revolution because our brain’s always on. RNT is making IT possible.