Cloudian overview

There are many good reasons why you should consider object storage and eliminate the scaling limitation of traditional file and block storage. Cloudian Hyperstore is now bringing Flexibility, Security, and Cloud-native data management capabilities to the edge-to-cloud architecture.

Cloudian Hyperstor has the richest feature set and received the top scores in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Object storage,

Ransomware protection
It’s no longer a question of, rather than when your business will suffer from a ransomware attack that will hold your data and your systems hostage and disrupt your business. To protect your data and prevent catastrophic data breaches it’s not enough to just have backups. Besides doing your best to prevent ransomware from being installed your stored backup data have to become immutable so they neither be encrypted nor deleted nor changed. Cloudian Hyperstore has award-winning S3 Object Lock enabled and is a must-have; not only in your data protection arsenal but also for your cyber insurance.

Backup is important
Cloudian Hyperstore is a modern and future-proof backup target that is compatible with backup solutions from any leading backup provider like Veeam, Rubrik, Commvault, Spectrum Protect, Hycu, or Veritas. Almost 80% of your overall data volume does not need to reside on expensive primary storage but can be offloaded to a Cloudian Hyperstore solution. One device lets you implement the golden 3-2-1 rule for backup with simplicity and ease even without being an expert and save up to 70% over public cloud or traditional storage architectures.

On-premise cloud storage
It’s not about cloud vs on-premise it’s about having the best of both worlds. A modern IT infrastructure does no longer comprises of siloed systems that are expensive and difficult to manage. Cloudian Hyperstore is an on-premise solution enabling you to create your own local version of Amazon S3 and get all the flexibility and benefits related to the Cloud while you stay in full control over your data. When your secondary storage is onsite you’re no longer dependent on an internet connection as your data resides next door. In case of a disaster, you can quickly start recovery from your local backup without the risk of getting sobering invoices from a cloud provider for accessing your own data.

Creating your own private cloud S3 storage service is now as easy as pie. With Cloudian Hyperstore you can start small and grow without disruption. Whether you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a business owner, this compact turnkey solution includes a multi-tenant architecture that lets you share a single cluster among multiple users and applications while maintaining full data isolation. With policies, you can enable specified usage quotas, security, or backup schemes and ensure SLA requirements with robust Quality of Service tools at no extra cost. With Cloudian HyperStore you can deploy Storage-as-a-Service inside your own company, including metering and chargeback to departments.

5 Nodes in 3U rackspace
Have you seen 5 nodes in 3U before? Our flagship is the optimal solution of choice when you’re looking for rock-solid protection from only 32TB useable capacity. The novel chassis design provides unparalleled density that saves rack space and reduces power consumption. The Yowie 5300-series is available as an all-flash NVMe variant and you can choose between a 3-year or 5-year licence period including hardware and software support for all models.

Shortes time to market
Our definition of the New Normal is to equip you with a ready-to-go turnkey enterprise-grade solution that is up and running in less than 30 minutes and does not require highly qualified IT experts to get started.

All you need to do when the appliance arrives:

What you see is what you’ll get. There are no hidden costs and you can stop paying for features you don’t need. Keep your IT budget under control and get one price for hardware, software licensing and support.