Private Cloud Data Storage solutions for the AI and DevOps era

Generative AI and modern flexible DevOps architectures are mandatory to profit from new insights from data and tailored apps and microservices that help organisations to move faster, further, and accurate. Our data is our collection of events where to learn from, our competitive edge, our insights, and not to be globally shared with competitors, opponents, and enemies. By controlling our data, we keep control, remain compliant and decide what to keep for ourselves and what to share. AI and DevOps require new infrastructures both on compute with fast GPU systems and high performance fast low latency NVMe based flash storage and persistent storage to do fast deployment of services or implementing results from AI.

Intelligent Flash for immediate results on analytics

Implementations for Real time analytics require fast NVMe solutions to guarantee optimal responsiveness for applications and users accessing this critical data

TCP/IP Networking lowers TCO, without performance compromises

Storage solutions utilized with NVMe over TCP, eliminates the bottlenecks caused by legacy protocols, and do not require expensive network modifications

Fast implementation through ready to go systems

Pre-configured and validated hard- and software storage systems deliver turnkey solutions One stop shop storage system for block, file and object storage

The Complete Data Platform for Private Cloud

NVMestorage’s selection of NVMe storage solutions are scalable, clustered, NVMe Flash populated and connectable over TCP/IP and are built on standard hardware, fully configured, and validated.

All in one platform for Block, File and Object for the Highest performances, density, reliability and economics

All in one NVMe Flash storage server appliance for high performance NVMe over TCP block storage for Kubernetes, VMware and AI databases powered by Lightbits combined with 2 x Cloudian based Hyperfile nodes and 4 x Cloudian Hyperstore Object storage nodes.

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Scalable, Efficient and ultra fast Storage for any Cloud‑Native Data Centers. NVMestorage powers NVMe as a service for any cloud — whatever cloud you are building: IaaS, STaaS, PaaS.

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