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NVMe SSD, Computational Storage SSD and NVMe over TCP/IP

Bringing Intelligence and Economics to Data Storage

We know that NVMe SSD's can do so much more than just store data

Workload Acceleration

Computational Storage providest the ability to perform AI and Big Data workloads inside a storage device in real time cuts search times and saves huge on

High Capacity NVMe SSD

Innovative Gen4 NVMe SSD solutions for datacenter and embedded systems with built in encryption and compression, to double disk size capacity and lifetime

Networked NVMe SSD

Scale-Out Disaggregated Storage means application workloads are accelerated while getting the right amount of storage specs at the highest storage economics

Scalable Computational Storage Solutions

Listening to Customer Requirements and delivering solutions that provide compute capability at the storage device. This unites storage and compute satisfying the growth of Edge, Datacenters and AI.

NVMe/TCP Extends NVMe Across the Entire Data Center with TCP/IP Fabric

NVMe-over-TCP provides low latency as if flash storage were local on direct-attached storage in the datacentre. But it is done over a network, on standard Ethernet TCP/IP networking equipment, and provides much higher levels of IOPS on the same Ethernet/TCP networks.

This approach is cost-effective because the fact that it is based on Ethernet means it does not require any new hardware investment, which makes it particularly attractive for hybrid cloud deployments

Use Cases

With the current NVMe technologies we are able to extend our support to multiple industries. Our technologies have top-of-the-line features that solve complex problems.

Deploy MySQL with 2x performance on half the infra

Using transparent compression, ScaleFlux drives manage data inside the flash during reads and writes. These storage processing engines are embedded directly into the SSD controller chip to improve overall database performance.

QoS, Not IOPS and GBs is Key

Current metrics on SSD storage are no longer valid for solving today’s workloads and needs. The need to look beyond IOPS and GBs. Extend life of SSD and leverage cheaper QLC flash means lower operational cost while maintaining performance and latency

Eliminate Idle Storage Capacity

Disaggregate NVMe SSD capacity from CPU means that each workload gets exactly the storage volume specifications it requires. Save on space and cost while improving NVMe efficiency and economics

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