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With the current technology we have, we are able to extend our support to multiple industries. Our technology has top-of-the-line features that solve complex problems.

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Automotive AI

Have you wondered what’s next for the parking meter and the card swipe at the gas pump? There’s technology being developed today aimed at using programs that will allow you to simply park, walk away, and get billed based on where and how long you parked. Additionally, when you are at a gas station, it will enable Artificial Intelligence tools to let you simply get out, pump gas, and go. No messy meters or even apps to deal with. 

These incoming solutions are products of “Edge Computing.” But they do not come without challenges. 

To solve these challenges, Computational Storage Solution, which can offer a 20x or more improvement in capability and smaller overall space, is necessary. It will allow Artificial Intelligence-enabled systems to read, analyze, and authorize your car in ways never seen before. 

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One of the biggest worries a parent can ever suffer is losing a child in a crowd. Fortunately, today, there are ongoing improvements in the ability to track and find people. The use of cameras and facial recognition or object detection continues to provide these enhancements. However, A.I. needs to manage these tools and their generated data. And the need to store and analyze these data across multiple cameras and angles is creating problems.

Time can create the biggest issue in finding something or someone lost, thus running A.I. efficiently in real time is key to ensure the success of a search for a loved one.

With the advent of Computational Storage and NGD Systems storage products, the A.I. required can be run at each drive, attached to each camera and share the relevant data very quickly. In effect, there will be accelerated object detection and multi-camera analysis, saving the time needed to ensure finding someone fast enough.

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CDN Security

With all the concerns about privacy, hacking, and data leaks when it comes to the data people share when they watch online content, there are issues, considering the amount of content users stream and providers manage. This is because personal data transmission requires security keys. These keys are stored and moved all the time to close performance gaps. This exposes the keys to being copied and used to hack accounts. There is also a problem with the number of computers needed and the space they consume. Today, it takes a full server rack of computers to manage 1,000 people’s data. 

Looking at new ways to manage these data is needed to provide more people access to their desired online content. And there are also needs to keep their data safe. 

This is where Computational Storage comes into play. It provides better data management by safely unlocking contents without sharing the keys. When you look at how the NGD Systems’ Newport platform can add value – we’re able to highlight that using our solution – you can improve the key management and people’s access up to 10,000 per server, not server rack.

This ability to provide 40x improvement in key matching per server rack is just the start of this work.

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Are you aware that over 8100 aircraft are in the air at any given time? With an average capacity of 150 people, roughly 1.2M individuals are overhead in planes that have data generated from previous flights that are still unanalyzed for safety. The amount of information generated during a 4-hour flight can take more than 10 hours to analyze upon landing. In other words, there are planes flying that may have issues no one is aware of.

To ensure that every flight safe, aircraft manufacturers are asking for a better way to read, analyze, and report on the health of planes. With today’s technology, however, there are more problems than solutions to achieve that task. But not anymore. Computational Storage Solutions allow for faster Artificial Intelligence tools to run when the plane lands and ensure it is safe for the next flight, even if it is 30 minutes or less.

This shows an improvement of more than 10x. A way to make the skies a bit safer for the 1.2M people.

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Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers execute a wide variety of workloads, many of them parallel in nature. By utilizing intelligent storage for these workloads, hyperscale data centers reduce CapEx, OpEx, power/cooling, and physical footprint.

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) need to be able to rapidly provide a variety of encrypted and access-controlled content to subscribers. Intelligent storage allows access control and encryption to occur at the point of storage, reducing costs.

The Intelligent Edge

With a growing need to store and analyze data at the edge, or newly defined Fog Storage market, a gap in analytical ability is growing. Intelligent storage solutions solve the low power, more efficient compute needs without strain on the edge and fog platforms.

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