NVMestorage announces industry’s first computational storage NVMe solution

Digital transformation require a paradigm shift in storage.

Find out how...

NVMestorage adapts to continuous change

NVMestorage delivers cutting edge data solutions that integrate seamlessly in to your current datacenter and responds to todays changing business requirements. All roadblocks are eliminated in terms of complexity, costs, capacities, power and bandwidth.

Bring compute to where the data is

Offload main CPU and RAM from basic computational tasks and save on sockets, licenses and...

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Private Data Availability

Private connectivity to the data per application isolates data processing and prevents neighbour noise.

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Operational Simplicity

Integrates easily in existing datacenter environments at less than $0.3 per GB/month.    

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Product technology

In-Situ Processing

NVMe storage solutions incorporate NGD Systems Controllers "at storage" hardware acceleration putting the computational capability into the storage itself and eliminating the need to move...

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Elastic FTL

NVMestorage solutions use NGD Systems proprietary Elastic FTL and Advanced LDPC Engines to provide NAND Flash Agnostic capabilities and industry leading capacity scalability.  This elasticity...

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Power, Weight and scalability

NVMestorage solutions has the lowest Watts Per TB rating in the industry. By using a IT standard server configuration the scalability can scale easily in ...

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NVMestorage Vision

Performance never stops

Today’s storage array’s will disappear completely. The traditional performance differentiator is no longer on IOPS, Capacity and Data services and next gen storage devices will be decoupled. Storage Area Networks will be convert to direct attached and compute scaled architectures.

Traditional IT sales blocks innovation for customers and IT procurement will move to online orientation and purchasing. That’s why we believe that tomorrow’s storage, needs to be investigate, compared and purchased differently.

NVMestorage delivers a new modern data architecture solution that integrate seamlessly and expand your current infrastructure one node at a time to reduce overprovisioning. All roadblocks are eliminated as application servers independently scale from storage resources to match workload demands and improve efficiency without centralized and performance consuming in relevant functionalities.


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