Portfolio Categories: Lightbits

Complete Data Platform for VMware

Lightbits for VMware provides seamless integration via the vCenter plugin allowing applications and workloads to consume a high-performance feature-rich NVMe storage for virtual machines.

Complete Data Platform for Kubernetes

Lightbits persistent storage for Kubernetes, via the Container Storage Interface (CSI), extends the efficiency of containers to NVMe flash while maintaining performance, flexibility, and application portability.

Complete Data Platform for OpenStack

Lightbits for OpenStack clusters offers cloud-native, high-performance, scale-out, and highly available NVMe/TCP storage. Lightbits supports open cloud environments by ensuring interoperability with and availability through all OpenStack future releases.

Complete Data Platform for AWS

Lightbits offers the best value for enterprise organizations who want to right-size their block storage on AWS while boosting performance and operating IO-intensive database and analytics applications.