Newport Computational Storage Platform

The Newport Platform provides next-generation computational storage capabilities to the marketplace. The Newport platform is the first 16 flash channel ASIC-based computational storage solution that provides In-Situ Processing with NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 storage performance in a variety of form factors including M.2 and EDSFF that do not suffer from performance due to power throttling like other architectures. While previous computational storage solutions have almost always embodied tradeoffs, the Newport platform provides a seamless programming model that eliminates these tradeoffs, allowing computational storage to enter mainstream market use cases.

Form Factors PCIe AIC, U.2, EDSFF-E1.S, M.2
Max Raw Capacity 64TB (AIC); 32TB (U.2); 16TB (EDSFF-E1S); 8TB (M.2)
Interface/Protocol PCIe Gen3 x 4; NVMe 1.3
Error Protection Patented LDPC
Max Power 15W (AIC); 12W (U.2, EDSFF); 8W (M.2)
Operating Temp 0 degrees C to 60 degrees C

In-Situ Development Platform (ISDP)

Knowing that developing key new architectures can be challenging, NGD Systems offers customers a fully integrated platform called our In-Situ Processing Development System (ISDP).

This ISDP enables developers and integrators to build applications for in-situ processing solutions in a pre-packaged and deployable solution.

The ISPD can be configured with your choice of 1U, 2U or even 4U server. Single socket CPU and up to 8 drives (based on server choice) to develop and deploy immediately.

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