With the U.2, 2.5″ form factor, NVMestorage offers an wide range of capacity, suits your standardised brand and server configuration. Depending of your configuration supporting NVMe U.2 devices servers can easily scale up to 24 times 24Tb (576Tb) in only 2U.




Specifications: U.2
Raw Capacity 3TB, 6TB, 12TB, 24TB
Interface 4-lane PCIe Gen3
Protocol NVMe 1.2
Performance – ran read 100k IOPs
Performance – seq read 1GB/sec
Performance – seq write 800MB/sec
Latency (read) 400us
Error Protection VCR LDPC
Active Power1 12W
Supply Voltage 12V-only
Operating Temp 0oC to 60oC2
Card Size 2.5-inch SFF
Dimensions 69.85×100.45x15mm
Weight TBD
Warranty 3 years

1Configurable at factory
2Airflow dependent; passive cooling only

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