PCIe Add-On Card

With the PCIe form factor, NVMestorage offers an wide range of capacities, for your standardised brand and server configuration. The PCIe Add-On Card can scale up to 64Tb NVMe capacity. Depending of your configuration, servers can easily scale up to 40 times 64Tb (2560Tb) in a 4U chassis




Specifications: PCIe Add-On Card
Raw Capacity 16TB, 32TB,64TB
Interface 16-lane PCIe Gen3
Protocol NVMe 1.3
Performance – ran read 330k IOPs
Performance – seq read 3.2GB/sec
Performance – seq write 1.2GB/sec
Latency (read) 400us
Error Protection Patended LDPC
Active Power1 15W
Supply Voltage 12V-only
Operating Temp 0oC to 60oC2
Card Size FH, Three Quarters Length
Dimensions 111.28×254.00×18.05mm
Weight 485g
Warranty 3 years @3 DWPD

1Configurable at factory
2Airflow dependent; passive cooling only

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